Hair Extensions


By Extended Images


        Insta Length by Extended Images, Hair Extensions, Fusion,                 Cold Fusion, Micro link, Tape In,Clip In ,


           With so many techniques to choose from our technicians are able to create the look and style you desire

         With all of our techniques to we will  choose the one that is specifically best for YOUR hair type!

                                                           Fusion , Cold Fusion , Micro Link or Braidless Tracks, Halo.

    We can add highlights, hair color, add thickness or length and even fix the nightmare haircut (that someone else did!).

                                                      Custom made Insta length Hair Extensions by Extended Images 

                                                    We are highly trained Hair Extension Stylist and educators.        

                                                                           Call us today to create your Extended Image!


                                                                     Hair Extensions by Extended Images